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Warehouse 13
Warehouse 13
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H.G. Wells' Time Machine
Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13
consciousness transfer
Warehouse 13

the time machine is a "temporal consciousness transfer engine". It has a rather psychometric effect, allowing the user to inhabit the body of someone in the past, specifically for 22 hours and 19 minutes. H.G. Wells' Time Machine is not, as in her novel, a physical transport device carrying the user(s) back (or forwards) in time, rather it is based on Gestalt psychology principles, and employs the "web" of the collective unconscious to allow the user to target and inhabit a known individual at a specific time in the past. The maximum duration of the trip through time is 22 hours and 19 minutes; as soon as this time is over the user(s) return to their own bodies in their own time period. However, if the time machine is damaged while in use the user(s) consciousnesses will be lost forever as soon as time runs out.

Warehouse 13
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