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A Hue is a reflection of a person's stress level. Every citizen in Sibyl's database is assigned a specific color depending on the state of their Psycho-Pass. Colors such as light blue or pink indicate a healthy Psycho-Pass, while colors such as medium green or steel blue indicate a deteriorated Psycho-Pass. A clouded hue occurs when stress is consistently present. For example, violent urges or nervous reactions in an individual can cloud a hue. The very presence of the Public Safety Bureau's Enforcers is enough to cloud someone's hue. A hue that is completely clear appears white, while a hue clouded beyond recognition appears black. Area Stress Level refers to the group Psycho-Pass of a particular block of the city that is overseen by Sibyl. It is calculated by taking the average Psycho-Passes of all the citizens within the block which is then represented by a number. The higher the number, the more elevated the Area Stress rating. Therefore, if someone with an unstable Psycho-Pass is detected by a scanner, it raises the Area Stress Level because their Crime Coefficient increases the average, setting off an alarm and alerting the Public Safety Bureau. Group Psycho-Pass pollution would send the Area Stress Level of an affected block into an advisory rating, indicating that there is a major crime occurring causing stress to the citizens or that latent criminals in the area have high Crime Coefficients.

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