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Black Mirror, S4 EP6 "Black Museum"
Black Mirror, S4 EP6 "Black Museum"
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Black Mirror, S4 EP6 "Black Museum"
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Black Mirror, S4 EP6 "Black Museum"
consciousness transfer
Black Mirror, S4 EP6 "Black Museum"

The consciousness transfer technology mentioned in “Black Museum” downloads one person’s consciousness into another person’s brain, allowing the two people to share the same body. The transferred person’s original body becomes an empty husk that’s euthanized, The person into whom the consciousness is transferred still maintains full control of their body, with the new person their brain basically becoming a passenger within their body. The consciousness transfer is said to be similar to the one in “San Junipero,” in which people are downloaded into a computer system instead of another person. The person who receives the transfer can apparently be given controls over the new person in their body, and the consciousness can be transferred into other computer systems. In “Black Museum,” a consciousness is transferred into a storage space inside a talking toy monkey, but it still is limited in its ability to interact with the outside world.

Black Mirror, S4 EP6 "Black Museum"
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