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Warehouse 13
Warehouse 13
TV Series
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Max Wertheimer's Zoetrope
Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13
consciousness transfer
Warehouse 13

A Zoetrope that once belonged to Max Wertheimer which possesses mind transferring capabilities. The Zoetrope creates a moving image of a couple dancing. When the Zoetrope spins clockwise, the mind of a person viewing the moving picture imprints into the Zoetrope. A second person can then view the imprint by touching the Zoetrope, or reverse the process by spinning it counter-clockwise. If the Zoetrope is physically attached to an adequate vessel, it will dump the user's mind into it instead of just imprinting. Hugo Miller used the zoetrope when he built the "AI" for Warehouse 13. He hooked the zoetrope up to the computer system and attempted to imprint himself on the computer. He only partially succeeded, in that the left half of his brain made the transfer, leaving only the right in his body. The Warehouse agents reversed the process, reintegrating the physical Hugo with the virtual Hugo. Real-world connections Max Wertheimer is considered one of the founders of modern psychology. Apocryphally, it's told that Wertheimer made his first studies using a motion picture toy called a zoetrope.

Warehouse 13
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