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Men in Black
Men in Black
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Neuralyzer, electro bio-mechanical neural transmitting zero synapse repositioner
Men in Black
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Men in Black
Men in Black

An electro bio-mechanical neural transmitting zero synapse repositioner, commonly referred to as a Neuralyzer is a top secret device used by the MiB. It has the ability to wipe the mind of anybody who sees the flash via isolating and editing certain electronic impulses related to memory. Once people are neuralyzed, they seem to enter a trance, freeze and their eyes lose focus. Once victims are neuralyzed, the agents must make up a story to replace the victims' erased memories and pass it off as truth. Neuralyzers are paramount to the MIB's operation and maintenance of secrecy. A neuralyzer is a device varying in size, that wipes the memory of a target. The set length of memory erased can be changed using dials, and the effects can be reversed. In order for agents to not be harmed by the effects, they have "Ray-Ban" sunglasses, that deflect the light created by the neuralyzer. It is the standard equipment of MIB officers. After being neuralyzed, if the agent does not supply the new memory, or a group of people get neuralyzed, a special team is sent in to give memories, and change the environment to reflect these memories. The neuralyzer can also affect species other than humans, like some animals and alien organisms. It is also interesting to see how the neuralyzer’s size decreases in time and becomes more portable. In the 3rd release, our hero travels back in time to the sixties and an old version of the neuralyzer as big as a room can be seen.

Men in Black
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