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Black Mirror, SP White Christmas
Black Mirror, SP White Christmas
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Black Mirror, SP White Christmas
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Black Mirror, SP White Christmas
consciousness transfer
Black Mirror, SP White Christmas

A “Cookie” is a small-scale simulation of a person’s consciousness. The cookie computer chip is temporarily implanted into a person’s brain, where it copies their consciousness, and is then removed and placed in small, egg-shaped computer. It’s essentially an artificial intelligence, but it believes it is the person from whom the cookie was copied, which pretty much makes it a person itself. Cookies are used as personal assistants in smart homes, but in order for them to be effective, their will has to be broken. That’s done by adjusting controls that affect how the AI experiences time, causing the consciousness to be trapped and isolated for what can feel like weeks or years, when only a few seconds or minutes passes in the real world. Cookies also apparently have other purposes. In the “Black Mirror” special episode, a cookie copy of a person is interrogated in order to coerce a confession for a murder, without the consent of the real person who was accused of committing it.

Black Mirror, SP White Christmas
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